ONA :: It's Powerful! It's Effective! And Now It Is Better at Eliminating Odors!

Announcing ONA PRO - the Odor Neutralizer YOU Have Been Waiting For!

One Gallon Jar of ONA Gel ProONA has been destroying odors effectively for many years and is used in hydroponics and commercial applications worldwide. ONA is not only an excellent air freshener, it is a true odor neutralizer - effectively eliminating bad smells. (Click here for the Science of ONA.) We didn't think we could make it better but we tried and succeeded.

ONA PRO is more powerful than ONA, with the added benefit that it leaves virtually NO ODORS behind. When "nothing" is everything, ONA PRO delivers. First launched in the ONA PRO Gel format, we have now added ONA PRO Spray (250 ml) to this successful product line.

We are so sure of our product that we offer an unconditional Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results. We know ONA PRO is that good.

One Quart Jar of ONA Gel PROUse Safely in Hydroponics & Commercial Applications

ONA is formulated using a complex formula of essential oils, and contains terpenes. As a result, ONA is very safe to use, is biodegradable and can be applied in almost any situation. ONA is applied with misters (aerosol), or air circulators such as the ONA Breeze, ONA Storm and ONA Odor Stop - with each dispenser having different CFM airflow capacities. Whether small areas, or large area, we have the equipment to eliminate those problematic odors.

ONA is available in many different forms - liquid, mist, aerosol, oil, block and gel - for solving any problem odors. The display is available for all garden, hydroponic or janitorial retailers to successfully show our fine products to your customers. Contact your distributor for details.

One Gallon Pail of ONA PRO GelONA :: Industrial Strength - Eco-Friendly

ONA is an excellent choice for use in janitorial, sanitation and other commercial applications. It is industrial strength so a little goes a long way. Yet, it can be used around people and pets because it is an organic and safe product. And in these applications, it will attack and destroy any type of odor, whether it is cigar and cigarette smoke, skunk smell, garbage, food waste or damp and musty odors.

ONA Mist Dispenser and ONA Mist Cans - Polar Crystal and Fresh LinenThe ONA Mist Dispenser is powered by batteries, with day, night or 24 hour settings, and three spray intervals, making it ideal for business or commercial use. With battery power, it can be attached anywhere without needing an external power source.

The ONA Breeze is perfect for hospitality application - place a unit on a cleaning cart, and turn on while cleaning rooms. It will leave the room with a fresh, clean smell (Fresh Linen), with no lingering perfume that may turn off fragrance sensitive customers.